More than 100.000 users listen to their stations each day thanks to Nowplaying

Our experience, expertise and innovation in large radio groups have made us a reference in the world of online radios.

Create your online radio

At Mediastream we know the world of radios as well as new technologies, so we also know how to grow your business through multiple tools offered by our product.

Know your audience

Using Nowplaying is the best way to know your audience and improve the online experience of your listeners. We know how important is to increase reach and revenue for your station.

Our Experience

Thousands of successful streaming hours to customers who have trusted Mediastream.

Key Features


Know when, how and where your users are listening from, get information about your listeners' musical preferences and other relevant data for your business.

Artist and Song info

Deliver relevant information to your listeners about their favourite artists like biography, lyrics and photos.

Synchronized ads

Get a special version of the on-air ad and give more relevance to your advertiser's message by displaying banners, slogans and links.


Replace on-air ads with the audio you want and maximize revenue.

Pre-Roll ads

Play audio or video before your station's audio begins, making sure your advertiser's message gets to your audience.

Time Shifting

Allow playback of your past audio and let your users enjoy the music or shows they love whenever they want.

Complement your station with Nowplaying

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